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Weird War Two: Strange Facts and Tales from the World's Weirdest Conflict

Welcome to the wonderfully weird World War Two...

The Second World War was the bloodiest on record. It was the first total war in history when civilians - men, women and children - were on the front line as never before. With so many millions involved, the rumour machine went into overdrive, tall stories built on fear of the unknown.

With so much at stake, boffins battled with each other to build ever more bizarre weapons to outgun the enemy. Nazi Germany alone had so many government-orchestrated foibles that they would be funny if they were not so tragic.

Parachuting sheep? Pilot pigeons? Rifles that fire round corners? Men who never were? You will find them all in these pages, the weird, wonderful and barely believable tales from World War Two.


"These mini-tales are interesting anecdotes about some of the stranger things that occurred during WWII."

Janette Forman (Educator)

"If you love history or just want to know more about World War II Weird War Two is the book for you."

Debbie Reyer (Reviewer)

"The elements of the book that made the most impression on me were those involving the use of animals. Animal lovers will be appalled at the deployment of antitank dogs, something that was particularly popular with the Russians who continued with the practice long after the end of the war. There were crazy ideas put forward like that by an American dentist of bat bombs, thankfully discarded, as indeed were cat bombs, explosive rats and more. This is an interesting book likely to appeal to history buffs."

Paromjit Hayers (Reviewer)

"A great book for any history fan or information junkie!"

Janet Cousineau (Librarian)

"I thought I knew a lot about WW2. After reading this book, I now know a lot more. Despite being a serious subject, the author does a fantastic job of highlighting and re-telling of some of the weird, zany, and bizarre stories to come out of this war."

Stephen Bentley (Reviewer)

"Highly recommended for history buffs and anyone interested in WWII, or just anyone who loves a great read."

Hannelore Cheney (Reviewer)

"In a well-written narrative, Richard Denham brings to light an overflowing assortment of the strangest occurrences to address the war such as: anti-tank dogs, balloon bombs and pigeon missiles, just to name a few. The author revealed countless uncanny events that could best be described as bizarre. If you have an unspoken desire to learn about the uncanny and curious events that baffled the world during World War II, then this is the book for you."

Paul Falk

"There are tales of super weapons which, thankfully, were never made, the use of birds, bats, cats, dogs and other animals as weapons or mascots, strange plans which failed to get beyond the drawing board and spy stories mixed with some of the more disturbing events on World War II… A fascinating collection."

Graeme Lynch

"Full of interesting and intriguing facts that even the most well researched historian may not know."

George Buriedinbooks

"I found this book really fascinating."

Cindy Lauren (Media)

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