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News - September 2015

28 Sep 2015: Rickshaw is No.1 bestseller

David McGrath’s thrilling debut novel Rickshaw hit No.1 in the Australian Kindle bestseller list at the weekend.

21 Sep 2015: Cabin Fever once again in Kindle top 50 'most-read'

The sensational air hostess memoir Cabin Fever, by Mandy Smith and Nicola Stow, was once again one of the 50 ‘most-read’ titles on the Amazon Kindle in August.

17 Sep 2015: Cabin Fever in Caribbean World

Cabin Fever continues to generate media interest…


15 Sep 2015: Interview with Mandy Smith

An interview with Mandy Smith, co-author of Cabin Fever can be found at

07 Sep 2015: Books Ireland reviews Rickshaw

There’s a terrific review of David McGrath’s debut novel Rickshaw in the latest issue of Books Ireland magazine:

‘A hilarious, poignant and razor-sharp debut, set in the underbelly of London’s West End, as the hero pedals frantically with the past always hot on his heels.’

Full review

04 Sep 2015: David Craig's The Great Charity Scandal in the news

The Daily Telegraph referred to David Craig’s The Great Charity Scandal in an article yesterday

01 Sep 2015: Two Thistle titles shortlisted for The People's Book Prize

Two agency books, published by Thistle Publishing, have been shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize: Cabin Fever by Mandy Smith, and The Art of Letting Go by Chloe Banks.

01 Sep 2015: Nick Pope in The Sun

Nick Pope has written a sensational piece for The Sun’s UFO Week.

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