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News - July 2015

29 Jul 2015:  Helen Fry on Harriet Cohen

Helen Fry has written an interesting piece on Harriet Cohen, the subject of her book Music and Men.

Harriet Cohen: a story of love, lust, betrayal and Amersham

27 Jul 2015: Katy Long on BBC 'Four Thought'

Katy Long will be on BBC Radio 4’s “Four Thought” programme, which will be broadcast this Wednesday at 8.45pm, discussing her new book for Thistle Publishing, The Huddled Masses.

27 Jul 2015: Monica Porter on the Huffington Post

Monica Porter talks about her dating experiences on the Huffington Post, after publishing her book Raven: My Year Of Dating Dangerously.

The Surprising Lesson This 60-Year-Old Learned On Tinder

22 Jul 2015: Good review for Katy Long

Katy Long’s Kindle Single The Huddled Masses: Immigration and Inequality has received an excellent review in the latest issue of International Socialism.

“Part of an anti-racist project is to address this confusion by exposing the lies and providing a facts-based truth. Long’s book helps us do this. It is a short, accessible and useful resource, discussing many of the key issues concerning immigration and more generally providing excellent data with which to undermine racist interpretations of immigration. Though primarily focused on the UK, the book provides valuable insights into general worldwide trends and issues… Long’s book is a valuable resource for anti-racists and I would urge people to buy it.”

Full review - International Socialism


20 Jul 2015: Thistle titles among Kindle 'most-read'

Guy Bellamy’s The Comedy Hotel was one of the top 10 most-read titles on Kindle during June. Nigel Ely’s Fighting for Queen and Country was also in the top 100.

20 Jul 2015: Sandra White in the Mirror

Strangers in the Night was also covered this week in the Daily Mirror.

‘My night with Frank Sinatra’ - Mirror writer’s memories of an unforgettable evening with megastar

20 Jul 2015: Strangers in the Night in Globe magazine

Sandra White’s sensational new book Strangers in the Night is covered in this week’s Globe magazine.

20 Jul 2015: It's never been so hard for writers to tell their stories

Ian Graham has written an interesting piece for the Eastern Daily Press.

17 Jul 2015: Press coverage for Scarlet Women

Ian Graham’s new book Scarlet Women gets a good review in the North Norfolk News.

Scarlet Women review

14 Jul 2015: Even more coverage for Cabin Fever

Mandy Smith’s air hostess memoir Cabin Fever continues to generate headlines. The book is currently in the Kindle Top 100.

Daily Mirror

Daily Mail


13 Jul 2015: More coverage for Strangers in the Night

Sandra White’s intriguing new book Strangers in the Night, describing her experiences with Frank Sinatra, has been generating more coverage.


11 Jul 2015: Vikie Shanks wins award as autism campaigner

Congratulations to Vikie Shanks, who won Carer of the Year for her Autism One on One support group at the Pride of Warwick District Awards last night.

08 Jul 2015: Strangers in the Night, in the Guardian

Sandra White’s new book Strangers in the Night was the subject of a story in yesterday’s Guardian. The book was released by Thistle Books this week.

Sunday Mirror reporter who spent a night with Frank Sinatra

06 Jul 2015: Great review for Burma's Spring

There’s a terrific review of Rosalind Russell’s Burma’s Spring in the latest edition of the RSAA Journal of Asian Affairs.

‘Burma Spring is an extraordinary vox pop exercise that puts you in touch with what people in Burma are thinking and feeling. This is reportage at its best, listening-post reportage where the reporter disappears and all you can hear are Burmese voices. It’s a remarkable achievement.’

03 Jul 2015: David McClure writes for The Guardian

David McClure has written a fascinating opinion piece on the Queen’s finances, following the publication of his book Royal Legacy by Thistle Publishing.

If the Queen can’t pay the bills, why not sell a palace or two?

01 Jul 2015: Fighting for Queen and Country into Top 100

Nigel Ely’s military memoir Fighting for Queen and Country has moved into the Kindle Top 100. The book was recently reissued by Thistle Books.

01 Jul 2015: Huge coverage for Cabin Fever

Mandy Smith’s cabin crew memoir Cabin Fever has just been published in the US, following successful UK publication by Thistle Books. The launch has generated huge attention, including the following:

New York Post

Daily Mirror

Daily Mail

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