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News - May 2015

May 28 2015: The Comedy Hotel moves into Kindle Top 100

Guy Bellamy’s classic comic novel, The Comedy Hotel, has moved into the Kindle Top 100 bestsellers.

May 28 2015: Irish Post interviews David McGrath

Debut novelist David McGrath was the cover star of the Irish Post at the weekend, discussing his novel Rickshaw in an entertaining interview.

‘The novel is set on the peripheries of conventional-bourgeois life, and Joe finds himself growing into London, by simply observing those who operate by the rule of the street: thus hustlers, the homeless, peddlers, venders, whores, drunks and drug addicts all become his gateway to understanding the city.’

May 27 2015: Huge interest in Black Brain, White Brain

Gavin Evans’ fascinating new book Black Brain, White Brain has been generating lots of media coverage, including the following.

Mail & Guardian (video)

‘Evans debunks racist science and centuries-old beliefs that Africans are predisposed to being less intelligent than their European counterparts.’

The Herald

Classic FM (audio)

News 24 (video)

‘In Black Brain, White Brain, Evans lays out the reasons he believes science does not support the idea that intelligence is determined by race, with an impressive list of scientific references and interviews to back up his rationale.’

Mail & Guardian

Business Day

‘Ripping apart theories about the link between race and intelligence Evans is able to decipher fact from fiction and illustrate how history has shaped perceptions of race.’

The Herald

May 19 2015: Two Thistle titles on Kindle 'most-read' list

Theo Aronson’s Grandmama of Europe was one of the top 50 most-read Kindle titles in April, while Peter Padfield’s War Beneath The Sea was in the top 100.

May 18 2015: Grandmama of Europe into Australian Top 10

Theo Aronson’s Grandmama of Europe has moved into the Top 10 Kindle bestsellers on Amazon Australia.

May 13 2015: Manuel Arriaga writes for Foreign Policy

Manuel Arriaga has written a challenging new article on ‘democracy in crisis’.

Democracy Does Not Live by Tech Alone

May 12 2015: Terrific review for Black Brain, White Brain

‘GAVIN Evans studied economic history and law, has a PhD in politics and has worked as a journalist for 25 years. He has read widely on evolutionary biology, palaeontology, biological anthropology, archaeology, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. He needed all this for his latest book, Black Brain White Brain. It plunges deep into the world of racist science and demolishes its myths quickly and smartly.’

BOOK REVIEW: Author quashes idea whites are brainier than blacks

May 12 2015: Katharine Quarmby gives talk

Katharine Quarmby will be speaking at the Celebrating International Writers event at The Camden College - Friday 22 May, 7.00pm.

Full details

May 06 2015: Sheridan Simove in The Hub

“Ideas Man - Sheridan Simove. There is no one word to describe the author of this book. Adventurous? Yes. Determined? 100%. Bonkers? Definitely. It’s full of tips and techniques on how to achieve anything you desire, which may seem a little overhyped - but this is the man who produced a range of sweets named ‘Clitoris Allsorts’ and hit the front page news after going undercover as a 16-year-old school boy (at the age of 30). Whatever your dream, this man is living proof you can make it happen.”

8 books that will feed the entrepreneurial beast inside you

May 04 2015: Book on Irish Troubles optioned

John Rae’s Sister Genevieve has been optioned by Cineman Films Ltd

May 04 2015: Helen Fry's The M Room: Secret Listeners who Bugged the Nazis optioned

Helen Fry’s The M Room: Secret Listeners who Bugged the Nazis has been optioned by Inflammable Films.

May 01 2015: The Story of Buildings short-listed for this year's School Library Association Information Book Award

Congratulations to Patrick Dillon whose The Story of Buildings is one of three short-listed books in the 12-16 year old age group for this year’s School Library Association Information Book Award. The judges commented:

This is a fascinating history of architecture which focuses not on architectural styles or individual buildings - although there is plenty of information about these - but on buildings in the context of their historical and geographical surroundings. Each section flows into the next in a way that combines chronological and thematic approaches. The illustrations are rich and detailed and clever use of fold-outs helps to emphasise the scale and complexity of the buildings featured, showing both the full building and it’s interior and details.

The prize will be awarded in November

May 01 2015: Royal Legacy in the Ham & High

There was a major feature in yesterday’s Hampstead and Highgate Express on David McClure’s new book Royal Legacy.

She’s dropped off the rich list, so how are the Queen’s finances?

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