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News - February 2015

Feb 26 2015: David Weston shortlisted for Sheridan Morley prize for Theatre Biography

Congratulations to David Weston whose Covering Shakespeare has been shortlisted for this year’s Sheridan Morley prize for Theatre Biography. Previous winners include Rupert Everett, Stephen Sondheim, Simon Callow, Michael Holroyd and Dominic Dromgoole. The prize will be awarded at the Garrick Club on 19th March.

Feb 25 2015: Simon West to direct Henry Cavill in Duncan Falconer thriller

‘Action director Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2) has come on board to direct Henry Cavill in special forces thriller Stratton, which is due to shoot in the UK and Italy this summer. Man of Steel star Cavill star in the title role of the film based on the first of a series of eight novels by ex-SBS (Special Boat Service is the sister arm to the SAS) operative Duncan Falconer.’

Full story

Feb 24 2015: Maxwell's Return is Kindle #1

The latest ‘Maxwell’ detective mystery from M J Trow, Maxwell’s Return, has gone to #1 in the Kindle bestseller list for Amazon Australia.

Feb 20 2015: Gavin Evans in the New Internationalist

Gavin Evans has a fascinating piece in the current New Internationalist on the subject of race science. Gavin launches his new book Black Brain, White Brain tonight.

Feb 19 2015: Andrew Crofts on Thistle Books

‘As we speak, I am in the process of publishing several different books, one with the very traditional HarperCollins – (“Secret Child”, which I wrote with Gordon Lewis about his childhood in a home for single mothers in Dublin in the Fifties) – one with the selective, bespoke publisher Red Door – (“Chances”, an erotic love story which I ghosted for the author known only as “Penny”) – and one with Thistle Publishing, the enormously successful imprint run by literary agents Andrew Lownie and David Haviland, (“Pretty Little Packages” a novel about people-trafficking and modern slavery which was first published in 2001 under the title “Maisie’s Amazing Maids”).’

Full article

Feb 19 2015: Two Thistle authors in Kindle top 100

M J Trow and Michael Hartland were among the top 100 most-read authors on Kindle in January, with M J Trow in the top 20.

Feb 19 2015: Chloe Banks into Kindle top 50

Chloe Banks’ debut novel The Art of Letting Go, recently published by Thistle Books, has broken into the Kindle top 50 bestsellers.

Feb 17 2015: More coverage for Nick Pope

There’s a feature in today’s Daily Telegraph on the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Britain’s Roswell: the truth behind the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

Feb 16 2015: Ian Graham on science writing

Ian Graham has written a fascinating article on science writing:

What inspires me to learn something new?

Ian also recently met the shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt at a reception for writers at the Houses of Parliament, to receive his prize for being shortlisted for the 2014 Educational Writer’s Award.

Feb 13 2015: Michael Hartland is #1

Michael Hartland’s The Third Betrayal, recently published by Thistle Books, is the #1 bestseller on Amazon Australia.

Feb 12 2015: Andrew Crofts on Thistle Publishing and 'Pretty Little Packages'

‘Thistle is an enormously successful imprint set up by London agents Andrew Lownie and David Haviland to keep books alive and available when the more traditional publishing organisations are no longer willing or able to do so.’

"Pretty Little Packages" from Thistle Publishing

Feb 12 2015: Monica Porter feature in Daily Mail

Today’s Daily Mail has a feature on Monica Porter, the author of Raven: My Year of Dating Dangerously.

Why there’s nothing less sexy than a middle-aged man

Feb 11 2015: The Guardian reviews Spymaster

The Guardian today carries a great review of Helen Fry’s new book Spymaster: The Secret Life of Kendrick.

“An exhaustively-researched book on a man whose life cried out for an autobiography… an extremely valuable contribution to our understanding of a secret world.”

Full review

Feb 09 2015: Chloe Banks continues to climb

Chloe Banks’ debut novel The Art of Letting Go, published by Thistle Books, continues to climb the charts, currently at No.64 in the Kindle bestseller list.

Feb 06 2015: David Stafford is Australian bestseller

David Stafford’s Spies Beneath Berlin, recently published by Thistle Books, has moved into the Kindle top 5 in Australia, currently at #4.

Feb 06 2015: RIP Children's Non-Fiction?

Ian Graham - shortlisted for the 2014 Educational Writers’ Award - champions a “Cinderella corner” of publishing.

RIP Children’s Non-Fiction?

Feb 04 2015: How to become a better storyteller

Lynne Barrett-Lee has written a very helpful piece in the current Words With Jam on How to become a better storyteller.

Feb 04 2015: The Arrival of the Wearable Dating App

Monica Porter has written a fascinating piece for Newsweek on The Arrival of the Wearable Dating App.

Feb 04 2015: Chloe Banks moves into the Kindle top 100

Chloe Banks’ debut novel The Art of Letting Go has moved into the Amazon top 100 bestsellers.

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