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News - October 2014

Oct 31 2014: Louisa Treger extract in Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar has published an extract from Louisa Treger’s debut novel The Lodger this week.

There’s also another good review in the Huntingdon News.

Oct 30 2014: Roger Howard in the Spectator

Roger Howard has written an article for the Spectator on ‘The Myth of the White Widow’, ahead of the release of his new Kindle Single Terror in the Tropics: Al-Qa’eda and the Attack on the Nairobi Shopping Mall.

The Myth of the White Widow

Oct 28 2014: More reviews for Louisa Treger

‘A beautifully intimate novel.’ Between the Covers

‘A literate, thoughtful and passionate first novel.’ Authorlink

‘Fascinating, well written… vibrant and believable.’ Booknerd

Oct 27 2014: Another great review for Louisa Treger

‘In finely wrought, evocative language that blends the startling details of Dorothy’s struggles with her eventual efforts to become a writer on her own terms, the author shows Dorothy’s extraordinary capability to endow her work with a voice that gave it lasting impact. Treger well and truly rises to the occasion, imbuing her simple, heartbreaking narrative with a light drawn from within.’

Curled Up

Oct 27 2014: MRF feature in Shortlist magazine

Simon Cursey’s shocking memoir MRF Shadow Troop: The untold true story of top secret British military intelligence undercover operations in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1972-1974 is the subject of a feature in Shortlist magazine:

Oct 24 2014: Bookanista reviews The Lodger

‘What Treger has achieved is quite unique and should be considered also quite significant… There is an unmistakable, alluringly enigmatic quality in Treger’s writing.’

Full review

Oct 23 2014: Good review for Louisa Treger

‘You will find yourself immersed in the lives and situations drawn together by Treger… If you enjoy history, romance and biographies, this would be a perfect fit for your library.’ Seattle PI

Oct 22 2014: Nice review for Roger Howard in Eye Spy magazine

Oct 21 2014: Vikie Shanks speaks at NHS conference

The video of Vikie Shanks’ talk at the NHS conference at Warwick University is now available to watch online here.

Oct 21 2014: Some pics from Louisa Treger’s launch party

This week saw the launch of Louisa Treger’s debut novel The Lodger, an event marked with a glamorous launch party at the Cafe Royal.

John Redwood, Edward Lucas and Sue Precious

Andrea Wong and Andrew Lownie

The actress Helen Lloyd

Alice Beer and Paul Pascoe

Louisa Treger

The Lodger

Oct 20 2014: Louisa Treger writes for WeLoveThisBook

‘Louisa Treger, author of The Lodger, tells us about her favourite feminist book characters…’

Top Five: Feminist Characters

Oct 20 2014: Louisa Treger on Reddit AMA

Louisa Treger will be doing an AMA (ask me anything) with Reddit Books this evening at 7pm (or 2pm Eastern Time in the US).

Reddit Books

Oct 20 2014: Nick Pope on Capricorn Radio

Nick Pope’s in-depth interview with Capricorn Radio, promoting his new book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, is now available online here.

Oct 20 2014: Louisa Treger interview is now online

Louisa’s fascinating radio interview with Cyrus Webb is now available online here. Louisa is currently promoting her debut novel The Lodger, which Cyrus describes in his review as a ‘literary masterpiece’.

Oct 16 2014: Lots of publicity for Louisa Treger

Louisa Treger’s debut novel The Lodger launched this week, and has already generated a lot of interest, including the following:

‘If you’re a history buff, a fan of biographies, or simply someone who wants to read a very well-written book, The Lodger should definitely be added to your “To Read” list.’

Daily Quirk review

‘A new writer of poise, intelligence, and feeling.’

Literary Inklings

‘This is a powerful story of how one woman found her voice against seemingly impossible odds. Highly Recommended.’

Two Ends of the Pen

‘A beautifully intimate novel.’

Reading Lark

‘Very well written.’

Canadian Book Addict

Daily Quirk interview

Radio interview with Cyrus Webb

Conversations Book Club (chosen as Must Read)

Jen’s Jewels (Book Club pick)

Oct 16 2014: Monica Porter on Jewish men

Monica Porter has written an amusing piece for the Jewish Chronicle tackling the question:

Do Jewish men make the best lovers?

Oct 15 2014: Louisa Treger on Dorothy Richardson

Louisa Treger has written a piece for Women Writers, Women’s Books about Dorothy Richardson, the subject of her debut novel The Lodger.

Oct 10 2014: Radar Online covers U2 launch

John Jobling’s fascinating new unauthorised biography of U2 has been extracted on Radar Online:

Radar Online

Oct 09 2014: Louisa Treger interview now online

Louisa Treger’s fascinating interview on Resonance FM’s Literary London show is now available online here. Louisa’s debut novel The Lodger will be published on October 14th.

Oct 07 2014: A Cool and Lonely Courage launches

Susan Ottaway has written a terrific op-ed for the History News Network about A Cool and Lonely Courage’s Jacqueline and Eileen Nearne and their struggle, along with many other women, to enjoy a liberated life in peace time after serving during World War II.

A Cool and Lonely Courage has also had a wonderful review from the Library Journal: ‘Readers who are interested in the history of World War II, espionage, and the actions of women during wartime will definitely enjoy this striking biography of two courageous heroines.’

Oct 07 2014: Bannockburn moves into the Kindle Top 50

Bannockburn: The triumph of Robert the Bruce by David Cornell has moved into the Kindle top 50 bestsellers.


Oct 03 2014: Great review for Louisa Treger

‘Treger’s taut evocation of Dorothy’s life and emotional struggles is gripping from the very first page.’

Full review

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