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News - September 2014

Sep 24 2014: Cabin Fever feature in Take 5 magazine

Sep 24 2014: Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones awarded Richard Neustadt Book Prize

Congratulations to Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones who has won this year’s APG Richard Neustadt Book Prize for the best book on US government and politics including political history for his The American Left: Its Impact on Politics and Society since 1900 . The prize , open to academics of any nationality working at a UK university, will be presented at a ceremony in London on 14th November.

Sep 23 2014: Katharine Quarmby gives keynote speech

Author and journalist Katharine Quarmby gave a keynote speech last week at the Council of Europe’s conference to make the passing into law of the Istanbul Convention, which will give greater protection to women suffering gender based violence in Europe. She spoke about the case of Diana Kader, and the book she is co-writing with her, Hear My Cry, about ‘honour’ based violence. Laura Boldrini, the Speaker of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (the Lower House of the Italian Parliament) commented on the speech here.

Katharine also contributed to a BBC Radio 5 Live documentary on disability hate crime this weekend, which you can listen to again here, drawing on her first book, Scapegoat: Why we Are Failing Disabled People.

Sep 22 2014: Joff Sharpe advises royalty

‘Strange things happen when you put your hand up and say you want to help Britain’s combat Veterans secure civilian employment when they leave the Service. At short notice, and with little qualification other than this general willingness, I found myself sitting at a table with HRHs Prince William and Harry, a three star General and twenty international captains of industry. The meeting was the brainchild of the Princes’ Royal Foundation and its purpose was to develop some joined-up thinking between the military and business when it comes to veteran resettlement…’

Full article: Huffington Post

Sep 22 2014: Noreen Riols interview in the Mail

Noreen Riols, author of The Secret Ministry of Ag. & Fish, discussed her career as a wartime spy in the Daily Mail last week.

Special agent seductress: Her hush-hush wartime mission was to bewitch our trainee spies into spilling national secrets. Now, 70 years on, she tells her gripping story

Noreen’s new novel Autumn Sonata is out now.

Sep 16 2014: British Comedy Guide extracts Frederick Facedass

‘Fredrick Facedass (pictured) is eBay’s trickiest customer. Whether he’s trying to recover his stolen phone, demand his wife sit in vinegar, or haggle over a valuable collector’s item, no one is safe from this loon…’

British Comedy Guide

Sep 16 2014: Terrific review for The Lodger

‘The Lodger is a narrative masterwork, and a milestone. You can trace with your finger round the globe, and especially, over English speaking countries find feminist authors rising like poppies and over taking every field of contemporary writing. This is due, in no small part to figures like Dorothy Richardson, who Treger fully recreates as a compelling soul, tortured by the constraints of her era and giving herself to the author, ironically, of The Outline Of History.

Feminist writers will never be dragged back through history; they will ignore previous boundaries of faith, society and sexual identity. The Lodger affirms it with courage and artistry and Treger’s novel comes itself full circle: the author was drawn to Richardson by a quote about her by Virginia Woolf that aptly describes Treger’s own skill: ” ( She) has invented a sentence we might call the psychological sentence..more elastic fiber than the old..capable of..suspending the frailest particles.’

Charles Bane, Jr., author of The Chapbook: Love Poems; Creator of The Meaning Of Poetry series for the Gutenberg Project, and current nominee, Poet Laureate of Florida.

Sep 15 2014: John Burroughs will be appearing at Rendlesham conference

John Burroughs, one of the authors of the fascinating UFO investigation Encounter at Rendlesham Forest, will be appearing at the Rendlesham conference later this month.

Conference bids to shed more light on Rendlesham’s ‘UFO’

Sep 11 2014: Kris Hollington writes for Newsweek

Child Abuse: A Scourge at the Heart of British Society

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