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News - July 2014

Jul 31 2014: Mark Beech interview now online

Music critic Mark Beech’s interview with Dante Magazine is now online here. Mark’s new collection of journalism is published today.

All You Need is Rock

Jul 31 2014: Odessa Dreams moves into Amazon Top 250

Shaun Walker’s fascinating piece of reportage, Odessa Dreams: The Dark Heart of Ukraine’s Online Marriage Industry has risen to #215 in the overall Kindle bestseller list.

Jul 29 2014: The Gold Mohur Tree into Amazon Top 40

Joyce Mackenzie’s moving debut novel The Gold Mohur Tree has reached #33 in the Amazon bestseller list.

Jul 28 2014: Great review for Nicholas Best

Nicholas Best’s recent Kindle Single Point Lenana has had a great review in the San Francisco Chronicle:

‘If this sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster in miniature - the world gone mad! Can their star-crossed love endure? - it is. But “Point Lenana” proves the irresistibility of a good old-fashioned story well told.’

Full review

Jul 28 2014: Vikie Shanks TV interview now online

Vikie Shanks’ TV interview with Ireland AM is now available online here. Vikie has been generating a huge amount of coverage for her inspiring new memoir Unravelled, recently published by Thistle.

Jul 28 2014: The Gold Mohur Tree is Kindle Daily Deal

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is The Gold Mohur Tree, the powerful debut novel from Joyce Mackenzie. For one day only, the book will be available for just 99p.

Jul 25 2014: Great review for Desmond Seward

Desmond Seward’s Richard III has had a great review from BookReporter.

‘A colorful, authoritative biography that offers a definitive picture of both the age and the man.’

Full review

Jul 25 2014: Vikie Shanks' daughter writes for Gransnet

Pippa, the daughter of Unravelled author Vikie Shanks, has written a blog for Gransnet.

Understanding autism

‘We hear from 13-year-old Pippa Tompsett, diagnosed as autistic when she was three - and perfectly happy about that ever since! While it’s hard, sometimes, for others to understand exactly what being autistic means, Pippa is determined to climb the mountain that is social understanding.’

Jul 24 2014: Under a Croatian Sun is No.1 cricket book

Anthony Stancomb’s amusing expat memoir Under a Croatian Sun is the number one cricket book on Amazon.

Jul 24 2014: Vikie Shanks TV interview this morning

Vikie Shanks will be interviewed on Irish breakfast television on TV3 at 9.10am this morning.

Jul 23 2014: Vikie Shanks put forward for award

There was an additional editorial in Best magazine this week, praising the incredible example of Vikie Shanks, and inviting readers to nominate her for the magazine’s Bravest Women Awards.

Jul 23 2014: Best magazine feature for Unravelled

Best magazine has run a double-page spread on the inspirational Vikie Shanks and her powerful new memoir Unravelled.

Jul 17 2014: Amanda Foreman reviews The Lodger

Historian and broadcaster Amanda Foreman (author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire) has given a great review of Louisa Treger’s forthcoming debut novel The Lodger, which will be published in October by Thistle.

‘This is a sparkling debut full of passion and verve. Louisa Treger has written an enthralling historical novel about unconventional love, unrecognised genius, and the courage to turn heartbreak into art.’

Jul 17 2014: Great review for Burma's Spring in The Independent

‘In her memoir, Russell has written authoritatively of the changes that swept through Burma, yet she has done so by focusing on the stories of a series of individuals and looking at how their lives were affected by events. The portraits are insightful and moving… A richer, more nuanced picture of Burma than is often portrayed by a Western media.’

Rosalind Russell’s vivid portrait of a rapidly changing Burma

Jul 15 2014: GoodReads giveaway for Louisa Treger

You can win a copy of Louisa Treger’s exciting debut novel The Lodger through the GoodReads giveaway competition here.

Jul 15 2014: Cover reveal for Chloe Banks

We’re delighted to unveil the cover for Chloe Banks’ fantastic debut novel The Art of Letting Go.

Jul 14 2014: Vikie Shanks on BBC World Service

The inspiring Vikie Shanks will be interviewed on the BBC World Service this morning at 11am, promoting her memoir Unravelled, which was recently published by Thistle, and has been generating huge attention.

Jul 14 2014: Louisa Treger interview now online

Louisa Treger’s interview with BBC Radio Cornwall is now online. Louisa is promoting her upcoming debut novel The Lodger.

Full interview (begins at around 1hr 10mins)

Jul 14 2014: Camp X to air on History Channel

The Camp X documentary has its world premiere this evening on the History Channel - Canada. The film is based on David Stafford’s fascinating book about the SOE ‘school for spies’, and David features prominently in the film itself.

Jul 14 2014: Second extract for Ask A Silly Question

Sabotage Times has run a second extract from the hilarious Ask A Silly Question, by timewaster Frederick Facedass.

Rare 20p Coin Leads To One Of The Best Conversations Ever On eBay

Jul 14 2014: Great review for Susan Ottaway

‘Ottaway is a gifted storyteller, rarely losing momentum and skillfully weaving family strife, SOE bureaucratic problems and on-the-ground Resistance work into a cohesive narrative. She draws attention to issues within the SOE administration but also goes to great lengths to show how their agents fought tirelessly for the cause. The author does not provide much background on the war, leaving some readers out of the loop on certain points, but even this snag won’t lessen enjoyment of the book. A compelling story sure to please history buffs and novices alike.’

Kirkus Reviews

Jul 12 2014: Britannia reaches #6 in Kindle chart

Britannia, the new historical novel by Richard Denham and M J Trow, has reached #6 in the Kindle bestseller list, after being selected as yesterday’s Daily Deal.

Jul 11 2014: Britannia is No.1 in Movers & Shakers

Historical novel Britannia, today’s Kindle Daily Deal, has gone straight to No.1 in the Movers & Shakers chart.

Jul 11 2014: Britannia is Daily Deal

The fantastic new historical novel Britannia: The Wall by Richard Denham and M J Trow has been selected as today’s Amazon Daily Deal, available for just 99p.

Jul 11 2014: Vikie Shanks interview now online

Vikie Shanks was interviewed this week by Talk Radio Europe about her inspiring new memoir Unravelled, which is selling extremely well. The full interview is now online here (it begins about halfway in).

Jul 10 2014: Louisa Treger begins publicity campaign

Louisa Treger, whose fantastic debut novel The Lodger will be published in October, will be interviewed this Friday at 4.15pm on BBC Cornwall, ahead of her appearance at the Penzance Literary Festival.

Jul 10 2014: Cabin Fever chosen for Kindle Select 25

Cabin Fever, recently published by Thistle, has been chosen for the Kindle Select 25. The full list can be found here.

Jul 09 2014: Ask a Silly Question extracted in Sabotage Times

The hilarious Ask a Silly Question, written by eBay timewaster Frederick Facedass (aka comedy writer Martin Hammond), has just been released by Thistle Publishing.

An extract is published today in the Sabotage Times.

Jul 05 2014: Katharine Quarmby in Britic magazine

Katharine is featured in the latest edition, as part of the promotion for her latest Thistle Single, The Priest, the Assassin, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand.


Jul 03 2014: Unravelled nears the Top 100

Vikie Shanks’ powerful new memoir Unravelled: The inspirational true story of a journey out of darkness, published yesterday by Thistle, is already up to #123 in the Amazon chart, and in the top 10 ‘Movers & Shakers’.

Jul 02 2014: Unravelled launches

Vikie Shanks today launched the publication of her memoir Unravelled with an appearance on ITV’s This Morning. The book has gone straight into the Top 10 ‘Movers and Shakers’ on Amazon.

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