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News - June 2014

Jun 30 2014: Joff Sharpe's latest piece for HuffPost

When the Wolf Lost His Smile

In the world of job interviews, a strange but recurrent - and somewhat Google-esque - question is posed; if you could be any animal, what would it be? This elicits bizarre responses, like the potential recruit of a technology firm who responded that he would be an amoeba since this would enable him to create complex cell structures and ultimately any other creature that he aspired to be. He failed to get the job. But what on earth were his interviewers hoping for? Snakes and donkeys seem like a poor bet but what about a lion? Ostensibly brave but essentially a violent meat-eater with multiple wives and poor hygiene. A more illuminating question might be this: ‘If you could be a wolf - and more specifically a Wolf of Wall Street - would you choose to be one?’

Jun 29 2014: Katharine Quarmby publishes new short story

Katharine Quarmby has published a timely new short story about the origins of the First World War. The Priest, the Assassin, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand is currently available for £1.53, and has already reached #13 in the Amazon chart for short fiction.

Jun 29 2014: Jonathan Fryer tops Amazon category charts

Jonathan Fryer’s fascinating social history Soho in the Fifties and Sixties is currently at #1 in its Amazon category charts.

Jun 29 2014: Mandy Smith interview in Daily Express

Blood, sex and celebrities: A Virgin Atlantic air hostess’ top 10 shocking revelations

‘FORGET the Mile High Club, from blood-splattered toilets and passengers trying to set themselves on fire to celebrity spats and shocking racism, former Virgin Atlantic air hostess Mandy Smith tells what really goes on in the air….’

Jun 25 2014: BBC interview for 'Unravelled'

Vikie Shanks and Lynne Barrett-Lee were interviewed on BBC radio about Vikie’s powerful new memoir Unravelled.

Full interview (begins at 1:06:00)

Jun 25 2014: Good review for Nick Pope

Nick Pope’s fascinating UFO investigation Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, recently published by Thistle, has had a great review from the San Francisco Book Review.

‘This is probably the most well-documented UFO incident ever. Author Nick Pope had full cooperation from two of the main eye-witnesses and also gathered a lot of previously unseen material through the Freedom of Information Act. This is a well-researched, well-written, fascinating explication of the events.’

Full review

Jun 24 2014: Four new videos from Leslie Kenton

Novelist Leslie Kenton has produced four fascinating new videos to promote the launch of Ludwig - The Beethoven Conspiracy by Thistle Publishing.

Four videos

“Giddy stuff, well marshalled with a kind of ingenuous passion for ultimates and the welfare of the planet.” OBSERVER

Ludwig is a very clever thriller about unseen puppet masters and secret societies not unlike Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum though without all the prosaic mumbo jumbo.” YOU MAGAZINE

“An intriguing tale of the occult; a modern day CIA agent turned journalist confronts the forces of evil unleashed by 18th century secret societies and embodied in the music of Beethoven. Ludwig is a musically well-informed psycho-spiritual odyssey which combines the world of science fiction with Iris Murdoch in one of her wilder modes. Happy reading!” CLASSICAL MUSIC

Jun 20 2014: Cabin Fever is airborne in Germany

The Mandy Smith phenomenon reaches Germany…

Die Welt

Jun 18 2014: Unravelled in Daily Mail

An interview with Vikie Shanks - a double page spread in the Daily Mail today and the top story on Mail online - ties in to her memoir Unravelled published today.

A saint of a mother: Her husband committed suicide leaving debts of £1m, yet she raised seven children - six autistic, two with cerebral palsy. And she’s still smiling

Jun 13 2014: Peter Daughtrey interviewed on Capricorn Radio

Peter Daughtrey’s interview with Capricorn Radio is now online. Peter is promoting his exciting new book which promises to reveal the true location of Atlantis.

Capricorn Radio interview

Jun 09 2014: Mandy Smith interviewed on Ireland:AM

Mandy Smith’s interview with Irish breakfast TV show Ireland:AM is now available online.

Ireland: AM

Jun 05 2014: Manuel Arriaga reaches Poland

There’s a good review for Manuel Arriaga’s Rebooting Democracy in the Krytyka Polityczna.

‘Don’t you feel sometimes that there is something wrong with contemporary democracy? That politicians are like a separate caste which makes decisions over the heads of people? Why is this happening? In Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics, Manuel Arriaga answers these questions in a straightforward manner, carefully explaining point-by-point how it is possible that those we elect so often fail to represent us. This short book prompted in me to the issues which I had never thought of before.’ Krytyka Polityczna

Jun 04 2014: Joyce Mackenzie profiled in Evening Telegraph

Novelist Joyce Mackenzie was profiled this weekend in the Evening Telegraph. Joyce’s second novel A Bride for Sunil was published recently by Thistle.

Jun 04 2014: Russell Brand discusses Manuel Arriaga

Russell Brand has been discussing Manuel Arriaga’s fascinating new political study Rebooting Democracy in two of his most recent ‘Trews’ podcasts.

Video 1

Video 2

Rebooting Democracy was released last month by Thistle Publishing.

Jun 04 2014: Another serial for Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever was serialised in the Sunday Sun this weekend, and continues to generate huge attention.  

Jun 03 2014: Thistle titles selected for Amazon promotion

Amazon has selected two Thistle titles for its monthly promotion. Nick Pope’s UFO investigation Encounter in Rendlesham Forest is available for £1.49, while David Craig’s consumer guide Don’t Buy It!: The tricks and traps salespeople use and how to beat them is on sale for just 99p.

Jun 03 2014: Great review for Manuel Arriaga

Manuel Arriaga’s fascinating new political study Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics has been receiving terrific reviews, including the following:

“A quick and easy read that makes the case for why existing political systems are inadequate and then shows examples of how to move us past those problems and toward more democratic systems. Along with many clever insights, Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics points the way to where democracy is heading.” – Professor John Gastil, Director of the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State University

“A short and engaging book. Written in the irreverent, outsider spirit of the Occupy protests, Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics goes well beyond critiquing the status quo. It discusses several ways to democratize our society. An essential ingredient of the proposals is a radical expansion of the role of juries: the book argues that having groups of randomly chosen citizens making political decisions is the core of democracy. Interesting and well-worth reading.” – Yoram Gat, founder and editor of Equality by Lot

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