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News - April 2014

Apr 23 2014: Lots of publicity for David Craig

David Craig’s fascinating new consumer guide Don’t Buy It! - The tricks and traps salespeople use and how to beat them, recently released by Thistle Publishing, is generating lots of interest, including interviews on BBC Radio Solent, Talk Radio Europe, and RTE Irish radio.

Don’t Buy It!

Apr 19 2014: Nick Pope serialised in the Daily Mail

Nick Pope’s fascinating new book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, released this weekend by Thistle Publishing, is serialised in today’s Daily Mail.

Why I believe aliens landed in a Suffolk forest: No, Nick Pope isn’t a UFO fantasist, he’s an ex-Ministry of Defence expert with a compelling dossier of evidence

Apr 19 2014: Joff Sharpe on Special Air Service

‘After Piers Morgan hired me as HR Director, he found out that I had been in the SAS, and he thought it was pretty hilarious. Who can blame him?…’

Special Air Service - what can HR learn from the elite British Army regiment?

Apr 17 2014: Richard Denham profiled in the News & Mail

Richard Denham has been profiled in the News & Mail, as he promotes his new historical novel Britannia: The Wall, written in collaboration with M J Trow.

Apr 15 2014: Monica Porter's memoir sold to Head of Zeus

UK rights in Monica Porter’s memoir, Raven: My Year of Dating Dangerously, originally published by Thistle, have been bought by Head of Zeus.

Apr 08 2014: Cabin Fever lightwalls at Sydney Airport

There’s been great promotion for Mandy Smith’s sexy new memoir Cabin Fever, including  a series of lightwalls at Sydney Airport.

Apr 04 2014: Atlantis and the Silver City reviewed

‘An unusual and riveting read… you are sure to be entertained.’ The Daily Opinion

Apr 04 2014: Thistle books in Amazon 'Big Spring Deal'

This month, an amazing 15 titles from Thistle Publishing have been selected for Amazon’s ‘Big Spring Deal’ promotion, all available for just 99p each.


Bing Banged My Lula Brilliantly raunchy novel from ex-model Frankie Park. Think Bridget Jones after the divorce with a kid on her hands and needing a new man like a hole in the head …

Dodger - Down Under: The Further Adventures of the Artful Dodger 1827-1832 “I have always thought the Artful Dodger’s story needed telling and now David Weston has told it, in a wonderfully engaging way.” - Julian Fellowes

Maxwell’s Movie “An engaging crime tale, featuring schoolmaster-detective ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell, who is in top form as he helps the police to investigate the disappearance of a fellow teacher. A character to savour.” - Northern Echo

Maxwell’s Ride On a trip to a theme park, Maxwell’s ride on the log flume is a little more white-knuckle than he was expecting when a stray bullet whips past him and his charges before killing the accountant in the car behind. Who was that gunman on the grassy knoll?

Lestrade and the Guardian Angel ‘It’s an authentic whodunnit with a surprising twist at the end you’ll kick yourself for not guessing sooner.’ - Punch

The Third Betrayal “Very impressive - for devious depth this one beats the band.” - THE OBSERVER

Frontier of Fear “Superior stuff – taut, well-observed, original.” - THE TIMES

Tom Kennedy A chance meeting at the Menin Gate in 1969 between a young War Studies lecturer and an elderly Benedictine monk sparks a close friendship – one that will ultimately lead a dying Father Peter Quinn to entrust a family’s tragic secret to John Malcolm…

The Seventh Moon A new thriller from the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE ORIGINAL SIN.

One Winter of the Holy Spirit “One of the most talked-about novels of the year.” - Western Mail


Conclave “If you want to understand what’s happening in the Vatican now, read this book. Gripping, lurid and fascinating, both scholarly and utterly readable, oozing with original academic research, its a minute-by-minute, day-by-day account of all the intrigues, maneouvres, deals, politics and scandals of a papal conclave.” - SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE

Gin: The Much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva - The Eighteenth Century Gin Craze ‘Patrick Dillon has gathered together some marvellous tales here… This book is as crowded with sensational incident as an 18th-century newspaper… With its manic tempo, Dillon’s prose embodies the relentless energy of the time… the city’s infinite variety is also successfully invoked. He has, too, a gift for simplifying complex issues.’ - Daily Telegraph

John Buchan: The Presbyterian Cavalier ‘Admirably readable, this book will be invaluable to those who are now encountering Buchan’s work for the first time. Lownie’s lucid account of Buchan’s life redefines the man as infinitely more complex than he thought he was.’ - The Sunday Times

Warlords: An Extraordinary Re-creation of World War II Through the Eyes and Minds of Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin “Gripping, innovative and perceptive… It reads like a thriller but it is also a scholarly, impeccably researched piece of work… superlative.” - Tribune

Who Dares Wins In Business ‘A good read. Sharpe has certainly done his homework, and generated lots of interesting, relevant facts and stories from both military and corresponding business situations.’ - Ben Legg, CEO - AdKnowledge

Apr 04 2014: More coverage for Monica Porter

Monica Porter has written two fascinating new pieces about her sexy new memoir Raven: My year of dating dangerously…, and the effects of her new fame.

Gransnet - Sex and the sexaganarian

Huffington Post - Becoming an Overnight ‘Phenomenon’

Apr 02 2014: Cabin Fever launches

Mandy Smith’s saucy memoir of her time as a Virgin air hostess, Cabin Fever, has just launched in Australia in a blaze of publicity.

Excerpts from the book were placed in Virgin flights leaving the Sydney terminal as well as in Virgin staff rooms – apparently the flight attendants loved it and have been sharing the extract with their friends.

There was also an extract here in Business Insider magazine.

There have also been numerous reviews, including the Sun-Herald and The Age.

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