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The Testament of Marcellus

The year is 33 AD and Marcellus arrives in Jerusalem with a letter for Pontius Pilate.

From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME, THE ORIGINAL SIN and THE SEVENTH MOON comes a spellbinding novel of the ancient world.

The life and loves of Marcellus unfold against the vivid, sprawling panorama of the Roman Empire.

As a brilliant young lawyer with the right connections, Marcellus moves easily among the great figures of his age – the emperors Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius; King Herod and his beautiful wife, Herodias; the prefect of Judea, Pilate; and the obscure Galilean he crucifies, Jesus of Nazareth.


"Not a Christian, not a Jew, not even a Roman," Marcellus the Etruscan observes his world with sharp eyes and a warm heart. Through the often grim and bloody events of fifty years which changed the world, his life is a triumph of the human spirit.

‘An author with a rare talent to enthrall’


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‘Keeps you reading while your dinner burns… Great fun.’



‘Few thrillers have as strong a sense of atmosphere and adventure as this fascinating tale.’

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