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The Reporter's Tale

A rip-roaring story of love and adventure as Tom Davies, former journalist and award-winning writer, roams the world, meeting influential thinkers of our time and searching for the meanings of visions he saw as a youth with VSO in Malaya.

New York, Hong Kong, New Orleans, Beijing and the Middle East all spring to life with his evocative pen until he ends up in Snowdonia where he sits down to add up what he has learned about himself and the world.

He shows how the media – TV, film and games in particular – have become a threat to us all, provoking riots in our cities, shootings in our schools, while also encouraging widespread anarchy and turmoil as in the Arab Spring.

As the amplified voices of madness and murder are bearing down on us from our screens continuously you will be left with only one question: has God finally broken his silence?


‘How utterly fascinating I found The Reporter’s Tale. What a life! What an epiphany! I am astonished by the profligacy of detail – inner and outer – and by Davies’ command of his own meanings.’ - Jan Morris

‘The Reporter’s Tale is the autobiography of Tom Davies, a steelworker’s son from Cardiff who went on to enjoy – and sometimes endure – a high-rise career as a writer. This is a packed and passionate book from a man who kissed the Blarney Stone and found God talking to him.’ - Western Mail

‘In The Reporter's Tale, Tom Davies takes the reader on a sensuous and, at times, harrowing pilgrimage. A testimony of hope, deep loss and a determination not to perish in the Godless shadows of our days. Be inspired.’ - Stewart Henderson

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