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One Winter of the Holy Spirit

The bleak winter of 1904 is coming and Michael Evans, a cockle gatherer, has a chance meeting with enigmatic beauty Beth Williams on the sands of Penclawdd. Michael believes that the new socialism is the future, while Beth looks to the chapel for answers.

Local miner-turned-preacher Evan Roberts fashions a mighty religious revival which empties the pubs and fills the chapels. The miners cannot even get their pit ponies to work because they have only ever responded to bad language. Beth takes Evan’s side as the revival continues its irresistible march and soon becomes enmeshed in the movement’s astonishing hysteria.

While Beth remains frustratingly out of reach, Michael pursues her throughout Wales and slowly uncovers her tragic past and terrible burden of guilt. He offers her shelter in the aftermath of the revival’s storm. But she is a broken bird and he can only make her whole if she will let him…


“All the natural melody of the Welsh is in this vivid romance which blends the great beliefs of socialism and religion in a powerful drama. A brilliant, enchanting, book.”

Daily Post

“Davies’ period and atmospheric detail is absolutely authentic as he relates how, for one winter, the whole nation turned to God because of one man and his evangelistic tradition.”

South Wales Evening Post

“One of the most talked-about novels of the year.”

Western Mail

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